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CO2 Laser Optics

RMI Infrared offers a full range of high quality 10.6 µm Laser Optics for a variety of CO2 Laser Applications. Order Today for Prompt Delivery!

CO2 IR Laser Optics

CO2 Laser Focusing Optics   CO2 Laser Beam Delivery Optics  •  CO2 Laser Resonator Optics

spherical lenses

ZnSe Spherical Lenses

Plano/Convex-Spherical lenses have a positive focal length and converges the incident light
Plano/Concave- Spherical lenses have a negative focal length and diverges incident light
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meniscus lenses

ZnSe Meniscus Lenses

Positive meniscus lenses are designed to minimize spherical aberration
Negative Meniscus
lenses are offered as an alternative to other negative lenses
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Mirrors are used in a wide range of beam steering, focusing and collimating applications

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 phase retarding mirror

Phase Retarding Mirrors

Phase Retarding Mirrors are designed to produce a specific phase shift between the S and P polarization components of an incident CO2 laser beam

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 plane window

Plane Windows

Plane windows are used as substrates for a variety of applications, such as laser windows, output couplers, beamsplitters, beam combiners, mirrors, dichroic filters and plate polarizers.

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 ir brewster window

Brewster Windows

Brewster Windows are primarily used in laser cavities to produce a beam with a high degree of polarization purity.

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 plate beasplitter

Plate Beamsplitters

Plate Beamsplitters divide an incident, monochromatic beam into reflected and transmitted components with the specified intensity ratio.

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 laser output couplers

Laser Output Couplers

Laser Output Couplers are designed for use as resonator mirrors for low, medium and high power lasers.

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 thin film plate polarizers

Thin Film Plate Polarizers

IR Thin Film Plate Polarizers were developed specifically for use in high power CO2 laser applications

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